Norwich JKD and Kali

We are a Norwich based Martial Arts Club with over 40 years of Martial Arts experience, practicing Jeet Kune Do and Kali / Escrima. Covering all ranges, from Weapons, Striking and Grappling.

Norwich JKD have also been involved with IMB Academy for over 10 years. Both Jenny and Mark are Full Instructors in the international IMB program. They train regularly with Sigung Bustillo and have had the pleasure of hosted regular seminars at the club. This means the Club has direct lineage to the Creator of Jeet Kune Do, the Late Bruce Lee through Sigung Bustillo.

Not only is the club lucky enough have Two Full instructors under the IMB program. Jenny Thurston is the only female UK Full instructor in the IMB family.

We pride ourselves on Focusing more on the individual and less on the style in which they study, because no single martial art style is applicable to each and every person. Students, as individuals, are different in size, physical ability, interest level and goals. The "JKD" classes provide a controlled atmosphere that allows students to safely experience multiple types of disciplines.

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Congratulations to All That Graded

From white belt to black belt, you all did a fantastic job.

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