New Master Classes and Richard Bustillo!

We are going to hold Master Classes on a Sunday, these will be for 3hours and open to anyone that would like to attend. Topics for these will be:

  • Knife
  • Sticks
  • Ju Jitsu
  • JKD 5 Ways of Attack
  • FMA

The First Master Class will be held on Sunday 15th September. The Seminar will be 3hrsfrom 10am to 1pm.

There will be a grading held on the 20th October this will start at 10am. If you are grading then start looking through your belts and let us know if you are unclear on anything. If you do not want to grade there is an opportunity on the day to train and recap on your JKD and FMA.


We will be hosting Grand Master Richard Bustillo on the 11th of November. This is a once in a life time chance to train with the best in Norwich. Known as the Iron Dragon. Black Belt hall of Fame and Student and close friend of the late Bruce Lee. He will be coming to Norwich, this will be a evening seminar. Places will be limited and first come first serve basis. Prices and times will be announced shortly. This will be open to other styles as well as our own club.

Richard Bustillo Seminar Poster